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"I realized I had to be responsible for my own wellness. My story is one of transformation, and along the way, I went from having no control of my own future to empowering others to reclaim their wellness using the fundamental practice of fasting”.Grab your copy of Chris James ‘book Metamorphosis: A Journey To Holistic Wellness to learn more about his healing journey and how it has shaped AHA to be what it is today.

21-Day Challenge Plus Herbal Detox Bundle

Commit to yourself today by connecting with your AHA Support Team to create new health & wellness lifestyle changes.

What you'll get:

  • Herbal Detox Bundle
  • AHA Coaching Team Support
  • Lives With AHA Coaches
  • Prep and Fasting Guides
  • AHA Product Training
  • The Root Brand Training
  • Detox Symptoms Training
  • Essential Oils Training
  • Refeeding and After Care Guidance

Not included

  • Castor Pack

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