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"I realized I had to be responsible for my own wellness. My story is one of transformation, and along the way, I went from having no control of my own future to empowering others to reclaim their wellness using the fundamental practice of fasting”.Grab your copy of Chris James ‘book Metamorphosis: A Journey To Holistic Wellness to learn more about his healing journey and how it has shaped AHA to be what it is today.

21 Day Fasting Challenge

Commit to yourself today by connecting with your AHA Support Team to create new health & wellness lifestyle changes.

What you'll get:

  • AHA Coaching Team Support
  • Lives With AHA Coaches
  • Prep and Fasting Guides
  • AHA Product Training
  • The Root Brand Training
  • Detox Symptoms Training
  • Essential Oils Training
  • Refeeding and After Care Guidance

Not included

  • Castor Pack
  • Ultimate Detox Bundle

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