About Us


My name is Chris James, and I’m just your average friendly neighborhood electrician turned ‘health guru’ (as some refer to me). This all started a few years ago. I had a few issues I was dealing with, one of which was an infection I had been suffering from for almost 10 years. I was so tired of feeling uncomfortable in my skin. I was so conscious of my body I would suck in my stomach as a reflex. After speaking with my general practitioner, being referred to a specialist, and being given every antibiotic and shot they had available, I was at my wit’s end; it was time for a significant change. As I started learning about healing, I realized that the world we live in was full of disease, and people were dying for no good reason other than lack of knowledge. At the same time, I reached the climax of my patience in dealing with my health issues. My brother Jonathan was also in a very similar place. He is a veteran on total disability with more problems than I can recall. Everything from being morbidly obese to diabetes to impotence, he had a laundry list of issues, and I was determined to find a way to rectify all of our problems naturally. Within three years, we were able to accomplish that goal.

We have been able to heal all of our issues using a few different healing modalities and maintain a truly healthy diet. The thing that’s the most interesting about all of it is that it’s comfortable. The lifestyle we lead now is much more enjoyable than it was previously. We eat such an array of flavorful foods we feel like our quality of living has increased. The most fulfilling part of this entire process is sharing this information with anyone who is seeking it. We’ve been able to help thousands of others through our various platforms, and now we are very proud to have the opportunity to help you as well.