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We are excited to introduce to you the AHA Premium Accountability Membership. We have created resources for you exclusive to this group that are sure to assist you on your health and wellness journey. If you are new to fasting or have been doing it for a while this is a results driven, support group created with you in mind.

  • The Wellness Walk Guide: A seven-step guide to help break down your goals into digestible milestones.
  • Access to our premium accountability membership
  • Access to archived training sessions
  • Access to 3 live calls weekly
  • Special discounts and offers.
$30 Monthly
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AHA Fasting System

This product includes over 24 hours of videos covering a wide range of lessons, including but not limited to how to lose 30 pounds in 30 days, beginner fasting, intermediate fasting, expert fasting, and much more. There is also access to one live monthly call. This is an excellent tool to teach A-Z how to prepare for a fast, create a fasting schedule, and break your fast correctly. There are many other bonuses included. This offer includes access to the AHA Fasting System archive calls and live coaching sessions.

$30 Monthly





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AHA 40 Day Wellness Digital Course

Prepare to immerse yourself in an Experience like no other. Learn about your limited belief system and how you can overcome obstacles and resolve group problems. The 40-day class includes three months of access to the Premium Accountability Membership.

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AHA 40 Wellness Digital Course + Physical Workbook

Includes a Physical copy of the workbook. Prepare to immerse yourself in an Experience like no other. Learn about your limited belief system and how you can overcome obstacles and resolve group problems. The 40-day class includes three months of access to the Premium Accountability Membership.

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AHA 40 Day Wellness Course: Legacy Bundle

The Legacy bundle features all of our core products in one offer and gives you lifetime access to each product. (Excludes 21 Day Challenge and any similar offers) 40-Day Wellness Course + Physical Workbook | AHA Fasting System | Premium Accountability Membership | Archived & live calls for the AHA Fasting System and 40-Day Wellness Corse In addition, you will receive this offer for a fraction of its value of $4566. Your price today is $949. As if all the above weren't enough, you will also receive a credit towards the next 21-day fasting challenge for yourself or a loved one. Lastly, as a cherry on top, the first 150 orders will receive a Limited Edition AHA Tree of life Pendant 18k Rose Gold Plated with Ruby, emerald, amethyst, sapphire, and yellow sapphire stone embedded within. These are not available for purchase; they only come in this bundle. 

$949 Price Includes Lifetime Access
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Let's Get Animated - The Guide To Animate Your Life

This program aims to provide solutions for the mindsets, behaviors, and actions that prevent people from being where they would like to be in life. Those who deal with depression, anxiety, anger, fear, addictions, and bad habits will benefit abundantly from this program. You will learn how to take control of your life through numerous practices and activities.

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40 Days Wellness Course Archived Calls

(Note Included with the purchase of the 40-day Wellness course) these are recordings of the monthly live calls where students will make sure you jot down any questions them may have and get clarification during the live calls.

$5 Monthly
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AHA Fasting System Archived Calls

This product is included with the AHA Fasting System Membership Get access to nearly three years of archived calls where Chris James answers questions from Academy members in detail. You will have access to the live calls and the ability to submit questions before the call.

$5 Monthly
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Physical Copies

AHA 40 Day Wellness Course Workbook

The physical copy of our AHA 40-day Wellness class workbook is an incredible addition to the class and experience. It is said that one retains 80% more of what they write down verse just hearing and trying to remember. This statistic shows that it's much more impactful for you to write things down than to say or hear them verbally. The deeper connection you can build with this process, the more beneficial it will ultimately become. Our goal is to engage as many senses as possible in this overall process so that you can have a fully immersive experience that imprints on the mind much more deeply.

$29.89 Includes Free Shipping
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AHA Wellness Journal 2nd Edition

Special pricing! The AHA Wellness journal is the ultimate companion. This is a high-quality, well-thought-out fasting tool. I firmly believe it will significantly aid you on your health journey. The 192-page, mixed-use journal, size A5, is sporting a vegan leather hardcover with a bookmark ribbon and matching pen loop. Includes: Monthly Calendar for planning your fast, grid and dot paper so you can record your weight loss and create a personal vision board, lined(Ruled) paper for recording thoughts, details, goals, a fasting guide, a recipes guide, a liver flush guide, testimonials, and more…

$35 Includes Free Shipping
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Metamorphosis A Journey To Holistic Wellness

I was sick, overweight, and depressed Coming off the heels of an intensely emotional breakup, while simultaneously dealing with a persistent infection, I was at a place where I felt like things would never get better. I nearly came to the conclusion I would have to accept my reality. Before I was to give up, I wanted to give myself an opportunity to figure things out on my own. Instead of relying on someone or something else, I realized I had to be responsible for my own wellness. My story is one of transformation and along the way I went from having no control of my own future, to empowering others to reclaim their wellness using the fundamental practice of fasting. From sick, overweight, and depressed to empowered, healthy, and joyful. Join me for my metamorphosis.

$35.00 Includes Free Shipping On Domestic Orders
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