How Water Fasting Works

Aug 09, 2022

Water fasting is a premiere natural therapy that is part of the human experience. It is the act of consuming nothing but water for a period of time. Understanding water fasting helps us not to overcomplicate the process.


What is fasting?

Fasting is the ability to restart and support your body’s natural healing process. It can boost any other therapies to make you a well-oiled healing machine. It helps reset the immune system and the mind also to the body. The longer you fast, the better, and the benefits are no bounds.


The Water Fasting Experience


Chris James did a pure 13-day water fast in 2018 and took some detox herbs. The only intake was water. The herbs in the capsule helped stimulate the excretion of waste and cellular waste from the body. The supplements he took while fasting were whole supplements.

Did you know that herbs help stimulate the natural processes in the body? As long as we take herbal supplements with delicate balance and do not overuse or abuse them. You can shop for naturopathic herbal supplements to support your fasting journey with The Root Brand. It’s a personal recommendation!


Here’s what he gained during the 13-day water fasting journey.



1. Boost in energy only needing about 4-5 hours of sleep.
2. Saved a ton of money in food. There was no spending money on unhealthy food like he used to.
3. He felt lighter with his body and didn’t feel bloated, losing 2 pounds per day and wasn’t gassy at all!
4. He saw a big difference in the clarity of his skin.
5. His cognitive function improved. His mood and mind became more focused and clear.

Water fasting makes transitioning into healthy eating easier. Drop the doubt about not getting over unhealthy eating habits. Fasting can reset your taste buds and start the process of detoxing neurotoxins. Neurotoxins cause serious cravings


The Challenge in Fasting

Without proper preparation, fasting can be challenging. Many relapses to binge eating and bad eating habits. We don’t want that to happen to us, right?


Make sure that you do a little prep work before you start fasting. Take a few days to reduce how much you eat or try a fruit diet before performing the actual fast. Prepare your mind and body on what to intake and what is not.

Plan Post Fast

As vital as fasting prep, it is also important to plan what to eat after the fasting. Chris James ate juicy fruits in small quantities considering that his stomach had shrunk. Fruit is the natural food for a human being so it only makes sense that it would be the best thing to eat after a long fast.  The key is making sure that you break your fast with fruits that have high water content. Chris James recommends juicy fruits like oranges, apples, pears and strawberries.


What is a good refeeding rule?

A good rule of thumb for refeeding is to take about 5 days to come out of your fast coming from a two-week fast. Here’s what you can do.

Day 1. Do fruit juices.

Day 2. Incorporate juicy fruits with whole fruits.

Day 3. Add vegetables, soups, and grains.

Day 4. Start having cooked meals.

Day 5 or so. Incorporate meat if that’s what you’re into. – remove or so.

With AHA, our mission is to educate people about their bodies and to realize that true healing can only come from within. With AHA, our mission is to inform views about the body’s ability to heal and that healing can indeed come from within. 

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