Losing Weight 101 With Water Fasting: A Powerful Journey of a Fat Man

Aug 09, 2022

John was chubby as a kid but kept an active lifestyle. He was lifting weights as a teenager and walking to work at the start of his career.

Even though he was active, his eating habits were unhealthy. He wasn’t mindful of his eating because he compensated for his food intake with movement.


Not until he started working for himself did he reach the 500 lbs mark, leading a sedentary lifestyle.


The struggles

When his wife got pregnant, he felt the need to lose weight so his son could not see him fat. But his weight kept adding up.

When his son was born, he still didn’t lose weight. An incident happened where his son started crawling towards the kitchen, but he could not stop him because he was too heavy to get up.


The realization

With what happened, his mind started to wander, and he thought, what if he has a heart attack carrying his son for a diaper change. He began to fear not seeing his child graduate kindergarten with the exact reflection.


The action


He came across the story of Angus Barbieri and found the power of fasting. He started with intermittent fasting at a 4-hour window as a starter to train his body about food. He then transitioned to water fasting, starting only at 30 days and extending to 150 days.

His wife was very supportive of his journey and closely monitored him throughout.

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  1. Thought without action doesn’t help achieve the goal.
  2. The key to losing weight is healthy eating habits and an active lifestyle.
  3. Fasting, when done correctly, is beneficial to overall health and wellness.
  4. Your body can function with just water.
  5. You can achieve your goals when surrounded by a supportive environment.

We may have already realized how to lose weight but don’t know how and where to start. A Healthy Alternative is a fasting support group created by Chris James to provide information and educate people about healthy alternatives to mainstream medicine. 


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